Friday, August 17, 2007

Web use: content now king

The way we use the Internet is shifting, with nearly half of all users looking for specific news and entertainment content, rather than using the Web for e-mail, shopping, searching, or other tasks. That's according to a four-year survey by the Online Media Association, issued this week; you can read Reuters' coverage of the study here. It notes:
The abundance of content and faster online speeds accounted for the spike, the study said. A proliferation of social networks such as News Corps' MySpace and Facebook have helped boost content viewing as well.
In contrast, online shopping and use of e-mail decreased, the latter impacted by the use of instant messaging. Focusing on content for your website not only meets this strong demand, but optimizes your search engine results: it's the newest content, such as frequent blog posts, that show up highest in search engine results.

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