Wednesday, July 25, 2007

where all the news is breaking

Washington Post writer Paul Farhi today rants with humor about cable television, where all the news is breaking, developing, alerts, bulletins, and yes, the "very latest." An MSNBC spokesperson notes that these breathless labels help the channel-surfing viewer quickly see that new developments are occurring, and Farhi says:
Ah. Kind of makes sense. With all the talk shows and shouting heads on TV, with all the opinion-mongering and vicious partisanship, a banner on the screen reading "News Alert" reminds viewers that the news channels still sometimes get around to . . . covering the news.
Cable's not the only culprit, we note: Websites, in a similar race for the eye's attention, often highlighting the time of an update, "today's" items, and yes, some that are "breaking," but in general, do so in an understated way.

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