Tuesday, July 03, 2007

weekly writing coach: freedom rings!

In honor of Independence Day, your coach gives you the week off, so you can reflect on one of the great writing projects of all time: the Declaration of Independence. (Read it here on the National Archives website, or listen to NPR reporters read the Declaration to you, here.

Modern writers, take note: Jefferson wrote the draft in just 17 days, and it was approved with but few changes, edited by a committee (that is, the Continental Congress). And, like many of us these days, some of the language was "cut and pasted," so to speak, from several established documents, and drew its ideas from the leading thinkers of the era. An 1823 copy of the Declaration--a rarity--sold earlier this year for $477,650 after its owner bought it for less than $3 in a thrift store. May your writing pay off as well!

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