Monday, June 11, 2007

weekly writing coach: radio pep talks

Every writer needs a pep talk now and then--usually, that means talking to yourself, or anyone except your editor. Nowadays, you also can get your pep talks on the Web or via email, here from two radio sources:
-The Writer's Almanac, a daily radio feature from American Public Media, offers a poem, the author birthdays of the day, and some background on each writer, her challenges and inspirations. Garrison Keillor narrates, and you can either listen to the Almanac on the local public radio stations shown here, or sign up for its e-newsletter for a daily shot of hope.

-If reading other writers inspires, try National Public Radio's Book Notes. Sign up for an email newsletter here, and view a recent sample here. NPR also offers a weekly "book tour" podcast with authors reading from their works, here.
And if you want inspiration to go back to your computer, listen to this recent NPR story on an effort to see whether a single number two pencil could last long enough to transcribe To Kill a Mockingbird, some 90,000 words long.

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