Tuesday, June 05, 2007

weekly writing coach: essay an essay

A while back, we asked "Who inspires you?" to get you to collect samples of writers you admire, so you could emulate their efforts. Now, the Smithsonian's asking the same question in an essay contest (enter here). They want to know:
Who fills you with enthusiasm, makes your imagination run wild, or gives you the confidence to reach for the stars? It could be your grandmother, a president, your next-door neighbor, your best friend, an actor, a scientist, a writer, or your sixth-grade teacher. It might be someone you see every day or someone who lived long before you were born.
Essay contests like this one offer you great practice opportunities--and 250 words, the contest limit, will force you into self-editing like nothing else. You have until noon Eastern Time on June 15 to enter.

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