Wednesday, June 13, 2007

great quotes: bootleggers & Baptists

This one's courtesy of NPR's Peter Overby, reporting this morning on some of the seemingly unholy alliances created as corporations lobby Congress to get a piece of the action as new environmental protections are considered. Overbye captured this quote from an economist to describe the odd matchups:
Economist Bruce Yandle, dean emeritus of the business school at Clemson University in South Carolina, calls it a union of "bootleggers and Baptists." Yandle refined the "bootleggers and Baptists" theory of government regulation years ago. He named it in honor of those most dedicated to closing small-town liquor stores on Sundays.
The message here works in several ways: It's brief, alliterative, saucy and memorable to both the speaker and the audience. When you develop a message to get your points across, make sure you consider those factors. Read the full story here.

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