Tuesday, June 05, 2007

entitled to know...about a new blog

Entitled to Know is the smart name for a new blog on the so-called entitlement benefits of Social Security and Medicare, launched in February by the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare. It's the result of learning in our blogging workshops, and reflects just what a strategic blog should do. Bloggers include the group's president and CEO and former Congresswoman Barbara Kennelly (who hails from our home state of Connecticut), a move that's fast becoming a best practice in business blogging. A nice feature: Policy analyst Mary Jane Yarrington's "Ask Mary Jane" posts that answer consumer questions on the two benefits (here, whether you should take Social Security benefits early). Photos and bios are embedded throughout--you never wonder who's speaking or where they're coming from.

A real strength lies in the sidebar, where you can see the committee's expertise displayed in links to current news coverage and opinion articles on the topic, links to related blogs and sites, email signups and search boxes, and -- ideal for its target audience of aging Boomers -- a prominent pair of buttons that decrease or increase the blog's type size. The committee's communications team got its blogging start in our workshops, and have produced a well-thought-out, comprehensive resource. Learn from them!

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