Tuesday, May 22, 2007

what are your group's little-known facts?

Today, we're facilitating a daylong retreat for the communications team of a major Washington-based nonprofit organization. Even though your staff communicators know plenty about the organization they represent, we're conducting two exercises during the day involving little-known facts -- about the participants and about the organization. Members of the group submitted advance little-known facts about themselves, and will try to match those with their colleagues, either by prying the information out of them or just plain guessing. (It's a great icebreaker for your next event.) Later, they'll share little-known facts, and the sources for same, about the organization they work for, as a means of teaching one another about the nonprofit, which has a long history.

The exercise yields lots of insight and fun. Soon, we'll be facilitating a group that includes a former singer of Janis Joplin songs, an American Idol songwriting contestant, someone who kissed a whale, and a bike rider who's logged all 184 miles of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal route here in Washington. Denise Graveline specializes in staff and staff-and-board retreats on communications, based on her extensive experience at the helm of communications operations for major nonprofits and the federal government. Find out more about our retreat services here.

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