Tuesday, May 08, 2007

weekly writing coach: myth buster

For many writers we coach, mistakes -- or frequent edits and corrections -- sap their confidence. In that state, we often see writers creating myths about the writing process and its difficulty, myths that stand in the way of their progress.

To the rescue comes the National Council of Teachers of English, with their "10 Myths About Learning to Write." Written, as one might expect, in a refreshing tone, the teachers set us straight with such wisdom as this myth:
4. You have to know what you are going to say before you begin writing. The funny thing about writing is that it actually helps you think. Many writers don’t discover exactly what they’re trying to say until after they’ve written for pages. Writing not only helps kids think deeply, but it helps them find out what they already know—not just in English class but in everything from math to biology to music.
Read the full list of myths here. Are any of these holding you back? Let the English teachers talk you out of it.

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