Thursday, April 26, 2007

weekly writing coach: pen the leader

Are you writing for the CEO, President or other senior official at your organization? Time to learn the language of leadership. We coach lots of writers who put words in the mouths of federal officials, university presidents, corporate CEOs and more. The best tip: Read your leader's peer group, in opinion articles and letters in trade publications for your field. Then find the favorite phrases that resonate for your leader, and mix.

For inspiration, try reading words written by or for great leaders in modern American history, including:

- Say It Plain: Live Recordings of the 20th Century's Great African-American Speeches: A Book-and-CD Set;

- Lincoln at Cooper Union: The Speech That Made Abraham Lincoln President;

-American Speeches: Political Oratory from the Revolution to the Civil War (Library of America);

- Let Every Nation Know: John F. Kennedy in His Own Words (With Audio CD)

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