Tuesday, April 10, 2007

blogs v. newsletters

Today, don't get caught president Denise Graveline speaks to the Consultants' Consortium here in Washington about blogs versus newsletters -- which, if any, should you use to promote your business strategically. (For the curious, here at dgc, we use both tools.) We've seen businesses that view blogs simply as a new publishing platform; they use blogs to publish their newsletters easily and without tech help. For others, it makes sense to save up news items until a quarterly or monthly newsletter. And for others still, it makes sense to blog daily and summarize those posts in a monthly email that keeps all clients informed--blog readers and non-blog-readers.

This week, blog search engine Technorati released its State of the Live Web report, which notes that blogs now number 72 million, but their growth is slowing, with the total number of blogs doubling only annually. We recommend you wait to blog until you're sure you can do so strategically -- and are ready for all the responsibilities that come with this easy publishing tool.

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