Monday, March 19, 2007

weekly writing coach: passive-aggressive

When we're analyzing your writing during a coaching session, you can be sure we're looking for all the passive verbs that are lurking in your sentences. Why? Passive verbs are the number one culprit that is weakening your sentences. If you want to be a writer whose work is going to grab the reader's attention, use the "find/replace" function on your word processing program to find out how many passive verbs are in your document, select them all, and make sure they are highlighted in bold. Then, as you are editing the document, make sure each passive verb is replaced with a construction that is more active--and your writing will be greatly improved., let's make that paragraph follow its own advice:

When we coach writers, we look for passive verbs lurking in your sentences. Why? They weaken your sentences. To grab the reader's attention, search for passive verbs with the "find/replace" function on your word processing program, select them all, and highlight them in bold. Then edit the document to replace each passive verb with an active construction. You'll improve your writing greatly.

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