Tuesday, March 20, 2007

make sure you're understood

Take note, public speakers and those who write for them: Can your audience understand what you're saying when it's spoken? You may want to read that draft speech out loud after seeing this article in today's New York Times about the difficulty court reporters have in transcribing courtroom proceedings -- at a rate of 250 words a minute:
Anthony D. Frisolone, a court reporter in federal court in Brooklyn, recalled a case in which three men shared a similar last name with separate spellings: Said, Sayeed and Sahed. He politely stopped the proceedings and asked a lawyer to clarify. There was another case, he recalled, in which the names included Zao, Zhao and Tzou.

“We’re not in an age of Smith and Jones anymore,” said Mr. Frisolone, 33, who also oversees mentoring for the New York State Court Reporters Association. “At 250 words a minute, it all sounds the same.”
Take the time to read out loud your speech with an audience, even of one other person, to be sure your words don't take on unintended meanings once spoken. We offer speech preparation and training skills; for more information, contact us at info@dontgetcaught.biz.

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