Tuesday, February 27, 2007

weekly writing coach: your process

Whether you're aiming for our 80 works in 3 weeks exercise or just doing lots of writing projects in general, you should take time to consider your writing process. The 80 works exercise helps you do that by forcing you to put aside perfection in aid of quantity; every night, you should be making notes on how your process worked that day in such a hothouse atmosphere, including:
- Did you procrastinate? Why?
- Which projects came easily to you, almost intuitively?
- Which took more thinking?
- Did you get stuck working on only one type of writing?
- Conversely, were you able to move to a versatile range of writing projects--a poem, a letter, a blog post, a speech introduction?
Asking yourself those questions will help you learn the areas on which you need to work, and those on which you can rely in a pinch.

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