Monday, February 26, 2007

the view from the blog class

Here's a great view of the Willard Hotel in Washington, DC, visible from the computer classroom at the National Press Club, where Denise Graveline led another "Blogging for Your Business" workshop today. Participants had little time to enjoy the view, however, as the 3.5 hour session took them from never-blogged beginners to bloggers with experience in formatting, layout, illustration and content development. The sessions also cover:
- who should blog for your organization
- how to select a blogger
- blogging policies you may want to consider putting in place
- handling and responding to comments
- using copyrighted material appropriately
- finding sources from which you can build content
- adding links, audio and other features
- driving traffic to your site and measuring it

Today's session included small business owners, national and international nonprofit organizations, and consultants, many of whom will keep the blogs they began in the workshop this morning. If you have been considering a blog as a strategic communications tool, but aren't sure whether to take the plunge, the workshop teaches you the skills and considerations you need to make the right decision for your organization. (We also teach you how to delete the blog you create in the workshop, if you wish!)

Our next workshops take place March 26 and 27 at the Press Club classroom (shown at left in the view our workshop participants see). You can register here for any session through June--workshops are offered twice each month. For more information, email us at

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