Monday, January 22, 2007

where to catch us in February

Don't get caught without hearing don't get caught president Denise Graveline in February. She's speaking on blogging in two forums: On February 13 at the Consultants' Consortium in Washington, DC, she'll talk about "Making the Most of Blogs and Newsletters," to help participants decide whether they really need a blog or a newsletter as well as a website and brochure. And on Valentine's Day, she'll lead a teleforum for the food writers, editors and publishers section of theInternational Association of Culinary Professionals on "You Started a Blog in Five Minutes. Now What Do You Do?" with thoughts on how to use blogs strategically and how to fit them into your current writing routine. Graveline is an IACP member and author of the blog Vegetables for Breakfast, which includes reporting, research and recipes for using local produce, based on her experiences with a community-supported agriculture project.

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