Tuesday, January 23, 2007

private blogs? now possible...

Participants in our blogging workshops ask all the time whether their blogs will really be seen -- and until now, most free blogging platforms did not allow a privacy option, which meant that anyone might view your blog creation. (It's why many who take the workshop delete their practice blog at the end of the session!) Now Blogger's new version, just out of beta, offers you the chance to create a blog that operates by invitation only: You specify the emails of those to whom you wish the blog to be visible, and access is limited to that group. The option makes it possible for anyone to create private blog without a firewall, which means you can now consider using blogs for such projects as:

- small-group reviews, such as those for judging contests or reviewing manuscripts;
- training or preparing employees, members or a panel of speakers in advance of an event;
- discussions among board or committee members;
- advisory panel deliberations;
- internal information sharing, as in "lessons learned" blogs that help employees share their experience.

We'll be using this new version of Blogger to help you create a public or a private blog in our workshops that start January 29 or 30. Seats are still available if you register here.

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