Saturday, January 27, 2007

nonprofits' secret communications weapon?

Nonprofit communicators know it's tough to compete with well-funded corporate ad and public relations campaigns -- and their resulting clutter -- for public attention. But blogging offers nonprofits an easy-to-use and inexpensive, even free, option for building an audience and grabbing its attention. A well-crafted blog can:
  • Engage your audiences in a two-way conversation. When they can participate with you, instead of just receiving your viewpoint, they have more reason to listen.
  • Draw in readers worldwide whom you'd never find otherwise. They'll find you in the search engines, because blog posts about your topic will get you higher in relevant search engine results than any other method.
  • Help you save on budgets for postage, production and printing, if you use a blog to replace news releases, newsletters or even your regular web page.
  • Demonstrate your expertise by including basic and more detailed information on the subjects you represent and know best. You can add as many links to related resources as you wish, making the blog a one-stop reference on your issue.
  • Make it easy for readers to get updates, via RSS feeds and readers.
  • Share information with your members, reporters, grant recipients, subscribers and more.

We see many nonprofit communicators in our popular blogging workshops, but because strategic blogging isn't widespread yet, they're ahead of the curve -- another great advantage. Philanthropies, advocacy groups, fundraisers, trade associations, and more are experimenting with blogs as the latest way to cut through clutter and get their issues on a larger platform.

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