Monday, January 08, 2007

No TIME for you?

Also in today's New York Times, David Carr looks at the big shift in deadlines brought about by TIME magazine's move to publish on Fridays, rather than Mondays. (That change affects not only journalists, but the public relations folks aiming to place sources and information in the magazine, need we add.) Further into the article, Carr notes several other major shifts at the newsweekly that will affect communications pros:
In the last six months, the huge rate base of Time magazine has been cut by almost 20 percent, the street date has been moved, and at the end of the month, the standard editorial model — a centralized, well-paid cadre processing every bit of copy that comes in the door — will be kaput, replaced by a leaner enterprise build on star voices who presumably will get less editing.
In our experience, even star voices need editing, and more importantly, the fact-checking for which TIME was famous. Time will tell whether TIME will tell its stories accurately and grammatically with a leaner bench...

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