Tuesday, January 16, 2007

if bill marriott can blog...

...so can you. The 75-year-old CEO of the hotel chain has launched a blog, joining other CEOs from GM and other major corporations, according to an article in today's Washington Post, which notes:
Marriott's entry into the blogosphere is another in a series of steps he has taken to keep his Bethesda company -- and himself -- relevant in the fast-changing hotel industry, which is adapting to a more urbane breed of traveler who communicates via the Internet and demands a sophisticated lodging experience.
Kudos to Mr. Marriott, who confesses in his blog that he's not very good with computers (he apparently dictates his posts), for putting his toe in the blog pond. Too bad the Washington Post didn't bother to include the link to his blog in its article. The Marriott blog appears here. You can catch up to Bill Marriott by bringing your leadership suite to our "Blogging for Your Business" workshops, which start January 29 or 30. Go from beginner to advanced in just a half day!

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