Monday, January 15, 2007

getting your message through: ad clutter

When clients wonder why it's so difficult to get a public message across, we typically ask them whether they feel they're not getting enough information in their daily lives -- and no one ever says they lack information clutter. Now, some data around one type of message clutter: advertising messages. Today's New York Times reports Yankelovich data that says you may have encountered 2,000 ad messages a day some 30 years ago. Today, that number's closer to 5,000 ads encountered daily.Outright advertising is just one contributing factor. And it's only going to get worse, apparently:
More is on the horizon. Old-fashioned billboards are being converted to digital screens, which are considered the next big thing. They allow advertisers to change messages frequently from remote computers, timing their pitches to sales events or the hour of the day. People can expect to see more of them not only along highways, but also in stores, gyms, doctors’ offices and on the sides of buildings, marketing executives say.
Ad messages are just one kind of clutter to keep in mind when you set your expectations for reaching a public audience, of course. Which 5,000 ads did you see today?

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