Wednesday, December 06, 2006

independent sector job opportunities

Washington, DC-based Independent Sector, the voice for the nonprofit community, has two communications positions open. They are:
Manager, Nonprofit Sector Communications Initiative -- to manage a communications initiative to strengthen support for the nonprofit community among key decision makers and influentials. The ideal candidate is an energetic, flexible team player who understands the challenges facing nonprofit and foundation communications and can mobilize leaders from a wide variety of organizations....a professional with experience in strategic communications planning and implementation, a background in working with coalitions and partnerships, and a strong understanding of the media and policy challenges facing the nonprofit community.


Media and Communications Associate -- to reach out to news media to foster strong coverage of the organization and the nonprofit community. Sought is a professional with successful experience in working with media, planning releases of policy positions, working with coalitions and partnerships, tracking media coverage, and preparing background materials on complex issues. The best applicant is an avid media watcher and reader who also thrives in a rapidly changing, high-pressure environment and is able to respond to fast-breaking events.
Find out more in the detailed listings here on the IS website.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

blogs and knowledge management

If you're making the case for a blog for your organization, consider today's cover story in the New York Times magazine, "Open-Source Spying." It describes the way U.S. intelligence agencies have begun using blogs and wikis -- protected from outside eyes, but shared between and among the intelligence agencies -- to share information about terrorist threats. If your organization also is moving from a "need-to-know" to "need-to-share" culture, as one young analyst described it, you may need at least an internal blog, behind a firewall, to use all the information collected by your many eyes and ears.