Monday, November 20, 2006

young pr pros get their own blog

Young PR professionals in Washington are the focus of a new blog by one of their own: John Stauffer blogs on Young Washington DC PR Pros, with a
focus on the new technologies as a means to communicate with consumers; it's what I hear my clients asking for everyday and it’s what will make us younger PR pros more valuable than a years’ subscription to Bacons.
Stauffer was asked by his firm to start building his skills in new media, and found his way to don't get caught's "Blogging for Your Business" workshops; this blog is the result, and lets him share what he's learned with a network of colleagues. A soon-to-recur feature: Interviews with industry veterans, beginning with Denise Graveline. Read her advice to young PR pros here, and keep an eye on this blog for what's happening of note to the next generation of PR practitioners.

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