Monday, November 27, 2006

top 10 communications keys for 2007: #9

To make sure you don't get caught unprepared, speechless or without a message in 2007, we're offering our top ten keys to communications for the year ahead. Consider this your year-end checklist to make 2007 a strong, strategic and stress-free communications year:

9. Create a 2007 communications plan to guide your year.

Often, by the time you think of a great communications tactic, you lack the time, budget and staff to pull it off, and miss the chance to seize the advantage. Don’t get caught without a plan for your 2007 communications efforts. A good plan includes new data on the audiences you want to reach, the existing and potential opportunities you have to reach them, and the challenges that might get in the way. With those in hand, you can create a calendar of opportunities and the steps it’ll take to reach them, ensuring more success – and fewer surprises – when you make a public move next year. If you’re establishing a new communications enterprise or reviving an existing one, a plan can help you do so sensibly, with steps that build upon one another for maximum result by year-end. We can help you create a communications plan with a process that captures the key elements and puts them into a context that works for your organization. Our specialty: Communications planning processes that work with the communications team and its clients within an organization, to ensure buy-in for the plan.

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