Tuesday, November 28, 2006

top 10 communications keys for 2007: #8

8. Learn how to communicate your message in Washington.

Washington has the highest concentration of journalists and public relations representatives in the world. Communications efforts in the nation's capital can be an efficient and effective way for your organization to make its mark -- if you know how to operate inside the Beltway. Don't get caught in 2007 without an orientation to Washington communications, or without a plan to get your message across with the nation's press corps. Even if your organization is located far from the capital, you need to know effective strategies for briefing reporters here; the best venues for conferences and events; how to target state, local, national, and international coverage from Washington; and how to time your event for maximum exposure when your competition is the Congress and the White House. Our extensive experience in Washington communications can be your secret weapon in 2007. Ask us to create an orientation and plan for your next foray in the nation's capital, or a longer-term strategy for establishing your organization and message as an authoritative national source.

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