Tuesday, November 28, 2006

top 10 communications keys for 2007: #6

6. Train new messengers to communicate on your behalf.

In a world where word-of-mouth marketing is king, you just can't have enough people prepared to convey your strategic messages. Take a census of your organization's trained spokespeople: Do they include your members? Your board members? Committee or department chairs? Authors and editors of your publications? If not, make 2007 the year in which you offer presentation or media training to another key constituency. Don't let them get caught without knowing how best to communicate on your behalf. And consider offering training on-site at meetings or conferences where these groups are already gathered. They'll consider it to be an important member benefit, and a professional development skill they can use in all parts of their work. We offer group and individual training and coaching in public speaking, presentations and media interview skills, and have extensive experience training governance and constituents of major organizations.

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