Wednesday, November 29, 2006

top 10 communications keys for 2007: #5

5. Conquer at least one public speaking pitfall.

You hem. You haw. You “um” too much. Your hands suffer from “lectern lock.” The back of the room can’t hear you. You lose your place. You don’t look up from your written remarks. You’d rather die than speak in public, even though it’s part of your job. Going off the text or handling questions raises your fear factor. You face angry audiences, and dread the attacks. Don’t get caught without conquering at least one of your personal public-speaking pitfalls in 2007. We can teach you to un-do your “ums” and gesture with confidence – and even deliver a speech without notes. The best news: These skills work in all sorts of situations, from office presentations to cocktail chatter and media interviews. Already a competent speaker? Let us take you from good to great. Group trainings and one-on-one coaching available.

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