Wednesday, November 29, 2006

top 10 communications keys for 2007: #4

4. Expand your media relations to reach a new audience.
When was the last time you shook up your press list beyond the usual suspects? Many organizations know the “core” reporters who cover their primary topic, but neglect those with reasons to cover the same area from a different angle. Don’t get caught without considering all your media relations options in 2007, from getting bloggers to cover your topics to expanding to reporters in a variety of topical areas. (Bloggers, when surveyed, say they’d welcome your news, but rarely receive it.) You’ll get more coverage and target your audiences even more precisely. When you approach a new beat’s worth of reporters, we recommend bringing them up to speed on your resources with informational workshops and briefings, like this one created to teach food writers about chemistry in the kitchen.

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