Monday, November 27, 2006

top 10 communications keys for 2007: #10

To make sure you don't get caught unprepared, speechless or without a message in 2007, we're offering our top ten keys to communications for the year ahead. Consider this your year-end checklist to make 2007 a strong, strategic and stress-free communications year:

#10: Review your 2006 communications accomplishments – and share them.

Whether you run a communications office or an organization, take the time before year-end to review your communications accomplishments for 2006. What worked? With which audiences? How can you tell? Don’t get caught in a communications rut – use your perspective from the year that’s ending to consider what to do in the year ahead. Then think of your internal audiences: Clients, members, subscribers, customers all want to know about your communications successes, so be sure to summarize them and share them. Don’t assume they’ve seen all your media coverage or know about the success of your last campaign. We can help you make sense of the year’s success with communications reviews, reports and retreats.

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