Thursday, November 30, 2006

top 10 communications keys for 2007: #1

1. Learn how to use a blog strategically.

Why blog? It will move up your organization in any search engine result faster than any other method…can replace newsletters, news releases, or even your web site...let you update your site without technical help…and introduce you to the wide world of word-of-mouth marketing. And because blogging platforms are free, you may be able to redirect your publishing budget to accomplish more, while using this low-cost option.Don’t get caught behind the blogging curve. Instead, join the ranks of early adopters who are turning this new tool to strategic use in their communications efforts. We can teach your team how to blog, help your organization craft a blog strategy and policies, and help you develop content – or create the blog for you. At a minimum, you'll come away with an understanding of why you should, or should not, try our favorite communications tool. Update: In 2007, we're offering our popular "Blogging for Your Business" workshops twice each month. Find out more and register now here.

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