Wednesday, November 08, 2006

launching a business blog

Two more business owners who've taken our "Blogging for Your Business" workshops have launched strategic blogs. First, artist and graphic designer Melissa Hackmann uses her recent open-studio sale as the starting point for a new blog that covers her work in collage, printmaking, painting and more. Posts to this blog show her preparing art for sale, hanging it, and mixing with the crowd on open-studio day -- and in between, share her observations about art openings and exhibits in Washington, DC. A recent "art of the book" opening gave her an opening to display her own bookmaking arts. This blog makes strong use of photographs, not only of Hackmann's work, but her working environment: We see her studio, her "open studio" and individual pieces-in-progress, demystifying the artist's way and tantalizing prospective clients with views of not-yet completed work.

Ecologically minded entrepreneur Matthew Lemp has launched the Ecocabs blog, promoting his hybrid-vehicle courier service in Washington, DC. With the eventual goal of expanding to a full taxi fleet, Lemp uses his blog to share perspective on traffic, environmental issues in urban driving, hybrid-car performance, and more. (And he takes time out to share his philosophies on Halloween and trick-or-treaters, adding a personal touch.) For Lemp, this blog may become his primary web page, a cost-effective strategy for small businesses and entrepreneurs that takes advantage of the many free platforms available for creating a blog.

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