Wednesday, November 08, 2006

are you a media tracker?

If your work calls for you to absorb the best media coverage in science, environment, medicine and health, you have something in common with veteran journalist Charlie Petit, now "head tracker" for the Knight Science Journalism Tracker, a new blog that summarizes coverage -- particularly in-depth and enterprise reporting -- in all those topic areas. A unique feature: The Tracker's posts include Charlie's elegant summaries, as well as links to the original article and any related news releases issued to drive the story, making it easy for you to do your own comparison, and he notes that about half the stories he finds can "trace their genealogy" to a release. Especially fine stories are dubbed "Petit's Picks," and the blog's tagline -- "peer review within science journalism" -- suggests a new eye on the field. Check the link "about science journalism" for news, views and coverage of the profession, and award updates.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug, Denise.

The ability to compare news stories with press releases that may have inspired them is important. It may help stamp out a form of bad journalism--the plagiarizing of press releases. I've heard several PIOs say that their stories sometimes appear in major news outlets in whole or in part without proper attribution and sometimes with a reporter's byline.

This is wrong, and it embarrasses me every time I hear about it. It should embarrass all journalists.