Monday, October 30, 2006

top ways to publicize your book

Don't Get Caught president Denise Graveline joined science author and blogger Carl Zimmer and News Generation president Susan Matthews Apgood this weekend to help members of the National Association of Science Writers strategize about book publicity at NASW's annual meeting in Baltimore. The session was moderated by author Julie Wakefield, and titled "Book PR Boot Camp: What Your Publisher Won't Tell You," and included participants ranging from seasoned authors to those with books-in-progress, and few who dream of publishing a book, and lots of compelling topics such as the brain, health-care costs, eating disorders, and the impact of media on very young children. In an active session, our advice for effective book publicity included:

- providing your publisher with materials demonstrating your ability to actively publicize your book: a "media resume" of previous media coverage and appearances; tape of any broadcast interviews; a summary of any media training you've had; a list of speaking engagements you've lined up about the book.
- use your website and blog as free communications tools to build an audience, sell copies of your book (from retailers, or autographed by you), create email lists, and keep readers interested in your next project.
- use radio tours and releases as more efficient and less time-consuming ways to reach millions in markets all over the country; it's a great alternative to the traditional book tour.

We're looking forward to bringing you news of new books from the authors we talked to on Saturday -- they're a dedicated bunch. You can read highlights from other sesssions at the NASW meeting here.

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