Wednesday, October 18, 2006

new year's resolution: get coached

Whether you're a communications manager who'd like to see your staff writers improve, or a writer who wants to advance to the next level, consider planning now to offer -- or take advantage of -- writing coaching in 2007. It's a new year's resolution that will deliver results, and works as well for beginning writers as for seasoned pros. A one-on-one form of customized training, writing coaching allows individuals to get private advice and practice that pinpoints their specific challenges. You'll work with the coach and independently on assignments, techniques and challenges we set for you. If a group of writers needs coaching, we offer half-day group trainings, with one-on-one sessions scheduled after lunch, so that each writing team member gets both a consistent level of training with her peers, as well as individual help. Find out more about our individual coaching in writing, presentation skills, media interviews and more here on the website, or email us at for advice on how to structure this important and effective training option to meet your needs.

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CSS said...

Sounds like a great idea!