Monday, October 30, 2006

the art of blogging for your business

You may not be able to hang them on a wall or see them in a gallery, but blogs can be artful communications tools for businesses of all sizes, a concept we teach in our "Blogging for Your Business" workshops. And while some participants choose to delete the blogs they create in our workshops, many go on to put them to immediate use -- with immediate results. An artful -- and art-filled -- case in point is the blog created by workshop participant Julia Morelli, deputy director of Washington's Nevin Kelly Gallery. She started the gallery blog in last week's workshop because
the blog is a great strategy for letting our friends and clients know about news and goings-on at the gallery in a more timely manner than monthly website updates and emails.
Both Julia and gallery owner Nevin Kelly will be posting on this blog, which makes good use of photos of art in current and forthcoming shows, gallery staff and the resident dogs. We especially like such posts as "Does Art Scare You?", which engages the reader by explaining the gallery's efforts to be a welcoming and comfortable space, pointing out that -- far from stuffy -- they even welcome you to bring treats from the neighboring bakery Cake Love into the gallery. (And it suggests that readers can make an afternoon of visiting the gallery and area eateries, just one of the content techniques we review in the workshop.)

Most important: Proving that blogs rise to attention online extra-fast, the gallery's new blog -- considered a first for DC art galleries -- has already gained notice by DC Blogs and Mid-Atlantic Art News, all in less than a week after the blog was begun. What are you waiting for? Contact us at to find out about smart blogging strategies for your communications efforts.

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