Wednesday, September 27, 2006

making the case for a blog

Many of our clients want to blog for their businesses, large or small, but fear they can't make the case for a blog to their management or colleagues. This week, two articles offer you ammo: In the Wall Street Journal this week, Gwendolyn Bounds covers "How to Get Attention in a New-Media World," focusing on small businesses using blogs (and other techniques) for cost-effective public relations. And today's New York Times provides this short data summary on who's blogging, business-wise, which notes that more than 80 percent of both corporations and small businesses say they do blog or intend to blog, but only 10 percent of small businesses have incorporated blogs into their marketing plans. That's followed by a longer article -- "Blogging the Hand that Feeds You" -- on bloggers who are and are not encouraged to publish by (and about) their corporations. It's helpful when making your case to note that Microsoft, at last count, purportedly has some 15,000 employees blogging about the company in some way, but no internal policy or controls forbidding or limiting what they say. Even if your organization isn't ready to go that far, it's useful to have these examples of the blogging landscape when you make your case.

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