Wednesday, August 23, 2006

'small business blog of the day'

Our other blog, Vegetables for Breakfast, is the 'small business blog of the day' today, according to Pajama Market, blogging consultant Brian Brown's blog about best practices for business bloggers. (Read his review of our blog here.) Brian's blog, well-reviewed itself, offers a daily take on a good business blog, and offers tips and advice along the way, based on real-world examples. His enthusiasm's catching, too (and not just when we're mentioned). Vegetables for Breakfast is our journalistic and impressionistic blog about don't get caught president Denise Graveline's experiment with a community-supported agriculture (CSA) project, in which she gets a weekly subscription "share" of fresh, local organic vegetables every week from June through October, from a farm less than 100 miles away from her (in this case, in Shepherdstown, West Virginia.)

The blog offers perspectives on prepping, cooking and consuming vegetables (hence the name), CSAs and how they work from the consumer's view, the science behind organic vegetables and sustainable agriculture, nutritional issues, and efforts around the world to increase the consumption of locally grown produce. We take health, environmental and science perspectives and toss in recipes and ideas, and we're proud of this new salute! (Brian correctly notes that V4B is not a blog about our business, but the business of the farmer, from the consumer's side...and still liked it.)

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