Monday, August 14, 2006

revising your publications wardrobe

If you publish -- be it magazines, brochures, newsletters, fact sheets, news releases, issue briefs or any other paper-based publications for your communications efforts -- perhaps it's time to reconsider some of the "closet classics" in your publications wardrobe. That's particularly true in the era of blogs, which can replace many, if not all, publications. Among the participants in one of our popular "Blogging for Your Business" workshops was a Washington-based publisher for several national membership groups. Much of her business consisted of publishing newsletters for those groups, updating them on goings-on in the nation's capital on their issues -- but not once she learned about blogging, still a largely free option for self-publishing. Consider what else you could be doing with the budgets you spend on printing, production, graphic design, postage and distribution. We can help you determine strategic alternatives to your current publications schemes (some of which may even include paper-based materials). Email Denise Graveline at to find out more.

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