Wednesday, July 12, 2006

thank you for hating my book the title of a tragicomic op-ed piece in today's New York Times. Author Katha Pollitt describes her horror at learning that a lousy review (complete with bad caricature of her) was deemed "good publicity" by her publisher and friends. She writes about the common author addiction of watching her rankings, and hedges her bets by buying $256 worth of her own book for friends and at at time, over time, to boost the numbers. If you are or have been a book author, you'll find this a familiar situation -- but it doesn't have to be. We help book authors to:

- negotiate with their publishers to get maximum PR and marketing efforts;
- conduct a publicity checkup to make sure you're taking advantage of the free and simple ways to promote your book, as a baseline.
- create speaking opportunities and materials to promote your book;
- identify and seek coverage of your book or interview opportunities with print reporters, radio and TV producers and bloggers;
- help you create a blog that can promote your book; and
- measure your book's coverage.

Denise Graveline is co-organizing and speaking on a panel on "Book PR Basics: What Your Publisher Won't Tell You" at the next National Association of Science Writers meeting, in October in Baltimore. Find out more about the meeting here, and email us at if you have a forthcoming or existing book that needs publicity help.

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