Monday, July 17, 2006

the shelf life of online news rather longer than an instant. And it was measured in, of all places, a physics journal. Reported in today's New York Times, the study in Physical Review E, the journal of the American Physical Society, finds that it takes 36 hours for half of the total readership of an online article to have read it. The article gets confirmation by actual editors of online news. Jennifer Sizemore of, notes:
“Sure, the top news story always gets a ton of traffic. But sometimes that second-to-last headline near the bottom of the page won’t be far behind. And there are features that will draw strongly for a week or more. Even once they’re no longer featured on the front, they are prominent throughout the site.”
Don't get caught pulling online news stories too quickly, then, lest you lose the other half of the readers who go beyond 36 hours to reach your news.

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