Thursday, June 22, 2006

start shortening: the one-word brand

Reader Elizabeth Corley sent us this Financial Times interview with advertising guru Maurice Saatchi, who now recommends that you whittle your brand down to a single word. Here's why:

The strongest brands are defined by their ownership of one thought; the very strongest by one word. The nature of this thought or word predetermines the breadth of the brand’s activities. This is why companies need to think very carefully about the dominant association they wish to create for their brand. If the word is attitudinal, it is possible it will have wider application. If it is product specific, it will define the company more tightly in its category. It is essential to remember that choosing the word involves sacrifices, the relentless editing out of the superfluous and the irrelevant. Precision is better than greed.

Saatchi's thinking makes sense in an era when we're beginning to get headlines on cellphones and in text messages, which are by definition brief. Can you edit your brand down to one word? Let us know your progress at

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