Tuesday, June 20, 2006

rethinking your long-standing logo?

We've recently helped one nonprofit board work through whether to stay with or revise its long-standing logo -- a discussion that caused a major rift within its membership -- so we're pleased to see that today's New York Times looks at a similar discussion in the corporate world. "What's Red, Familiar, Ubiquitous and May Be on Its Way Out?" describes the possibility that Citigroup will retire the 136-year-old red umbrella logo it acquired along with Travelers Insurance. As with other organizations we've counseled on this matter, the considerations range from brand consistency to whether someone's feelings will be hurt (in this case, former chairman Sanford Weill, who helped Travelers grow and led the merger). Noting that "everything's on the table except the Citigroup name" as a possible change, the article points out one complication: an earlier announcement. "The news release announcing the merger of Travelers Group with Citicorp said in the second paragraph that the combined company would retain the umbrella," the Times notes. We can help your organization's executives, boards and members work through the negotiation of a new logo -- or the decision to keep one. Contact Denise Graveline at info@dontgetcaught.biz.

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