Friday, June 09, 2006

great quotes: the cost of moving a piano....

Yesterday's Marketplace business radio show reported on legislation before the Congress on control of the Internet, and a standoff between Web content producers and telephone and cable TV companies. The fight's over the burgeoning amounts of data users want to receive -- like video -- and who pays for its transfer. Telecom consultant Scott Cleland used piano-moving to create a wonderful word picture that put the issue across:

One two-hour high definition movie is the equivalent of 35,000 e-mails. In the next year or two, the Googles and Microsofts and Yahoos want to distribute video which is like moving pianos. Obviously, the cost of moving a piano over the Internet should cost more than moving a letter.

You can listen to reporter John Dimsdale's story, or read the transcript, here. We hope our ongoing series of great quotes help you craft soundbites and word pictures when you're explaining technical matters to public audiences.

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