Monday, June 05, 2006

business blogs get webby

One week from today, the Webby Awards ceremony will take place in New York, and for the first time, a business blog will win a Webby in a newly created category. The inaugural winner: 5 Blogs Before Lunch, the blog of marketing consultancy 5 Meetings Before Lunch. View all the winners here, including a list of all nominees. In the business blog category, those included Gartner, Inc. (with multiple blogs); GM's Fastlane blog; Inc. magazine's staff blog; and, the World Resources Institute's blog on international development through enterprise. (Warning: The links in this post take you straight to these nominated blogs; not so the links on the Webby winners page, which often lead to the main web page.)

We're also big fans of the Webby tradition of 5-words-or-less acceptance speeches, which in the past have included Al Gore's "please don't recount this vote," and Travelocity's "Thanks. Now please go away." What are the odds that the business blog winner will say "Five Thanks Before Lunch?" Check out the nominees and the winner as part of your ongoing research on innovation in business blogging...

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