Wednesday, June 21, 2006

be tech-savvy when you pitch reporters

So said a panel of newshounds today at Washington Women in Public Relations' annual media roundtable luncheon. Most traditional news media outlets -- whether print or broadcast -- now have added one or more websites, plus podcasts and broadcasts, to their offerings. As a result, "technology makes our jobs larger," said Garrett Graff, editor-at-large, Washingtonian Magazine and editor of Fishbowl DC, a blog that covers journalism and the media industry in Washington. Jennifer Nycz-Connor, a Washington Business Journal reporter, agreed: "Now every day is deadline day," a major change for a weekly publication that's added daily 3pm web feeds to its roster. Graff noted that the new mix of blogs, websites, broadcasts and traditional print outlets means you'll see media "trying to figure out what we do best" over time. An example: Daily newspapers' print editions no longer can carry true scoops, given the advent of faster-turnaround web releases. But they do excel at analysis, and you're likely to see more of that in your morning paper. Alter your pitches to reporters and keep in mind that their deadlines are more numerous -- and onerous -- than ever.

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