Friday, May 05, 2006

come blog with us

...on May 9 or on May 16, from 9:30am to 1pm, at the National Press Club's computer classroom for our "Blogging for Your Business" workshops, back by popular demand and our own conviction that blogs can be turned to your communications needs, no matter what you do. We've helped retail, construction, public relations, federal agency, nonprofit, franchise, art and writing professionals use blogs to, among other things:

- replace their newsletters and save printing and mailing costs;
- communicate swiftly with members, reporters and constituents;
- update their web pages effortlessly and frequently, without help;
- share their expertise to educate and bring in new clients;
- decide whether they need a blog;
- explain to other colleagues the pros and cons of blogging.

Seats are still available for both workshops. Register now online here, and join this cutting-edge movement. You don't want to miss the experience that one participant said "has changed my business model completely." Email Denise Graveline at with any questions you may have.


Anonymous said...

This was a great workshop! I recommend others to sign up for the May 16 class. Thanks, Denise!

Anonymous said...

Great workshop Denise. Thank you. Now I'm ready to 'go forth and blog.'

Anonymous said...

This workshop gave me the tools I need to rethink my blog, adding more content for clients. Thanks to Denise Graveline for a morning well spent!

Kathryn Brown
EndPoint Creative

Anonymous said...

I'm here and this is very helpful information!

Lauren Morley