Wednesday, March 15, 2006

don't get caught in a Valentino gown

...seemed to be the common response of actresses Uma Thurman, Jennifer Lopez and Keira Knightley at the Academy Awards. The reason? A premature news release Sunday morning from the designer, announcing that the three actresses had chosen his gowns for that evening's event. The stars turned out in the gowns of Valentino's competitors, garnering attention and brand recognition the old-fashioned way, by letting the dresses speak for themselves. PR Week reported the (very) "ill-advised" mistake as its "PR Play of the Week," and it underscores the need in any announcement to consider whose announcement is it? In this case, letting the stars get the attention and the scoop would've worked well for everyone. Before you rush out with news involving a Very Important Partner of any kind, spend some time strategizing when and from whom it should come.

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