Sunday, February 26, 2006

why blog?

Today's Washington Post business section columnist Frank Ahrens -- who writes a weekly "Web Watch" -- repeats a discussion from Slate, earlier in the week, about whether blogging has peaked, in his article "30 Million Blogs and Counting." Ahrens wonders:

...there's a survey Web Watch would really like to see: Not how many people are blogging, but why they're blogging. And how that has changed, or will change, as the blogosphere matures.

Oddly enough for a business columnist watching web trends, Ahrens' column ignores the business blog -- and repeatedly suggests that all bloggers are twenty-somethings, diarists or pundits. Our recent workshops on "Blogging for Your Business" at the National Press Club show a somewhat different demographic: Seasoned professionals, working in fields as diverse as insurance, home improvement, fashion retail, high technology, public policy, book authorship, public relations, trade associations, nonprofit charities and several government agencies. And we have a waiting list for our spring workshops, to be announced soon. We'd like to see that survey Ahrens posits, above, but would caution that blogging for strategic business reasons is already alive and well and moving into a wider variety of sectors than just the embattled major international corporations.

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