Tuesday, January 03, 2006

the sticky wiki of online references

Wikipedia, the grassroots encyclopedia of the online world with 895,000 entries to date, gets a strong defense as an online resource from George Johnson, here in the Science Times section of today's New York Times. Wikipedia made the news last month when longtime newspaper journalist John Seigenthaler revealed that an entry about him in Wikipedia said he was involved in the John F. Kennedy assassination plot, which is not true. Johnson, who uses both Wikipedia and the Encyclopedia Britannica online, points out the wide range of "facts" and errors that can be found in both, and argues for the self-policing (and constantly changing) content of Wikipedia. We say, when it comes to any reference, check it out and compare it with more than one source...when you look for what Johnson calls an "information fix," remember you may well have to fix your information. What's on Wikipedia about you and your organization?

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