Thursday, January 05, 2006

special discount for fit friends

Friends of don't get caught who are based in the Washington area can take advantage of a special discount offered by the gym that keeps us fit, City Fitness. Located in Cleveland Park on Metro's Red Line, it's a neighborhood gym -- not a chain -- that offers personal training, cardio equipment, a wide range of free weights and machines, and more than 40 classes in outdoor trekking, boxing, tai chi, yoga, aerobics and more. A woman-owned business, the gym also gathers members for parties, cook-offs, and walkathons. Check out their website for short films of some classes, background on the outstanding trainers (ours is Tom Brose) and the schedule of offerings. If you mention that you were referred by Denise Graveline, you'll get $50 off the initiation fee -- and find yourself in one of the best networks in town. Can't get to the gym? City Fitness also brings fitness classes to your workplace, doing so for clients that include the Supreme Court, among others. For more information, feel free to email Denise directly at or call the gym at 202-537-0539.


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! Are you saying we're not fit?

eloquentwoman said...

Absolutely not--this is for fit friends!